19 January 2015

Plastic by Color_Paho Mann

During the year that I worked on Consumed environmental awareness hit a new high in social and political dialogs. For me this awareness took two major forms. First, that the current rate of consumption of resources is unsustainable, posing a global environmental threat, and second that this same consumption pattern has weakened the world economy. Central to my understanding of this project is that looking at what we own and consume reveals something about our identity and culture, and that this examination underlines the importance of making thoughtful choices in what we do with these objects.

The project manifested in a set of still images and an interactive website located at

This project was commissioned by the City of Phoenix through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture’s Public Art Program.


Nancy Levinson, “The Art of Solid Waste,” Places Journal, April 2010.

05_Kids Drawings_Paho Mann
08_News Paper_Paho Mann
09_Paper by Color_Paho Mann
02_Gifting_Paho Mann

Paho Mann NTS billboard_06