One Dollar Electronics
19 February 2018

One Dollar Electronics is a grid of twenty-four photographs of small electronics manufactured in China and sold for $1.00 in stores in Dallas, Texas. Central to my understanding of work is that looking at what we own and consume can reveal something about our identity and culture and that this examination underlines the importance of making thoughtful choices in what we do with these objects.

The objects photographed for One Dollar Electronics include radios, a pedometer, personal reading lamps, calculators, burglar alarms for windows, and various other personal electronics. They are the result of furthering my investigation of consumerism, ownership, and sustainability. My interest in these objects is the relationship between a seemingly complex and highly manufactured object that is shipped around the world with broad availability at a surprisingly low retail value. Questions of cost, utility, and desire inform my work as I continue to investigate ideas of consumerism and ownership.